Brooke & David | Leo Carillo Beach, CA

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Shortly after meeting Brooke and David for their engagement session they mentioned that they enjoyed rock climbing. Game on. These guys not only brought adventure to our shoot, but they have such a natural, playful and warm way about them that we couldn’t help but feel like instant friends. Trust. Trust is the key ingredient to “getting the shot.” Trusting that this crazy guy lying on the ground or climbing in a tree, or wading in icy waters with a bunch of cameras slung around his neck, all the while asking you to stand, or sit, or walk, or lay down on the ground all snuggled up in love is not crazy, but may indeed have an idea that might possibly pan out to become an exciting image that you never dreamed of. Sometimes it takes a good deal of trust. Brooke and David traveled all the way from San Francisco for our session and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be invited into their lives to tell the story of the first day of their marriage. Here are just a few from our time at Leo Carillo…