Regina & Cliff | Manhattan, New York

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Regina is a big time theatre producer working in New York City and though we’ve known her for years we hadn’t met the famous Cliff until the big day. We had privately tossed around all kinds of made-up personalities for the man who had captured our vivacious friend’s heart. The real Cliff, however , blew our made-up versions out of the water with his charismatic class and warmth. We became instant friends and upon seeing the way that he and Regina interact with one another we couldn’t help but be set ablaze by the sparks that flew between them. There is a real transparency in their love for one another, the kind of heart-on-your-sleeve we-are-in-this-togetherness that brings tears to the eyes and joy to the heart and reminds us why we love what we do so very much. Marriage is an incredible, and challenging, and freeing, and inspiring thing.

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Venue: Ink 48 Hotel – Manhattan, NY